Extras (Other projects)

Below: 100% bespoke handmade presentation key for customer. "Y" bit relates to initial of name and date of birth pierced in embellished brushed Copper bow. Bit is also brushed Copper and stem polished Steel. 

Bespoke manufacture of an antique French key with clover profile stem

Bespoke manufacture of  Declerck/Bramah/Fichet style key

Bespoke manufacture of a George Davis key

Bespoke manufacture of a Cotterill Climax Detector key

Bespoke manufacture of a Thomas Turner patent key

Below a miscellaneous specialist repair:

A broken off modern art sculpture repaired at D.R. Lock Restoration and Repair. Permanent repair. Structural rigidity reinforced by Stainless Steel rod insert and composite Bronze material Oxy-acetylene Silver Soldered. To finish, textured and patina created to the exact appearance of the original to produce an invisible repair.


November 2014

Scratch made ornate Brass key bows for existing keys from locks to an elaborate hand carved wood chest of drawers. Bows are made from plate Brass sculpted with special chisels, files and saws.

November 2014

17th century casket lock:  Key, wrench and scroll springs bespoke made

by D.R. Lock Restoration and Repair to look authentic. Mechanism received

extensive repair and adjustment to restore perfect working order.

June 2014

Bespoke hand made 18" Hobbs anti-violence safe/vault display lock.

Work of art fully functional educational piece

March 2014

Mc Gregor Balt


Below: This is a very rare American Mc Gregor Balt. lock c. 1835 which is of a very fine design and manufacture. It features a Detector of a similar nature to the Chubb Detector of 1818. It is a very heavy and large lock far superior in construction to many equivalent locks of the time.

Technically it is a dual control lock because of the addition of the main key hole shutter which is a 2 lever mechanism and requires a separate key to operate. The main lock has 9 large very thin levers of alternating Brass and Steel to help prevent sticking that often was an issue with many thin levers of the same material.

This lock came to me from a collector requiring 2 specially made box of wards keys, a shutter key and ward box repair. Also the lock needed light refurbishment to ensure perfect operation.

The 9 levers are extremely close gated which is expected from a high quality lock of this type. Even before restoration the overall lock was in very good condition with original paint work even in reasonably good condition.

The keys that had to be made were constructed from specially made parts brazed together, to ensure perfect fit for the lock. The tolerances were very fine in this lock and keys that "wobble" on the drill pin are simply is not good enough. It took several weeks to chisel out each warded key to corrospond with the circumference of each ward and to ensure a fine key of the best possible strength. 

Large Antique Trick Padlock


Below: This very special trick padlock came to us from an American collector who required a replacement key. The key had to be made traditionally in the style of the lock with the same type of patina (finish) so that it looked as original as possible. The key was skillfully made by hand from 9 individual components brazed together. The bow is one of our specialities and is cut, filed and forged from a straight piece of stock square bar 7/32" square and around 8" in length.

The working end of the key (bit) had to be formed into an "S" shape and cut to bypass wards in the lock and the stem is brazed up from 4 sides in the form of a diamond profile. The lock has 4 tricks to its operation, including revealing the secret key hole. It is a true collectors lock.


Tucker and Reeves Holdfast patent lock dated May 21st 1855.


Below: This collectable padlock stamped "Customs Canterbury New Zealand" on the rear,

and "Makers to the Board of Ordnance Admiralty &c" on the front, came to us recently for our full restoration, repair and key making services. As you can see, the state of the lock in its before stage is quite shocking. This is the result of an attempt from somebody who did not know the correct procedures and techniques for disassembling the lock. D.R. Lock Restoration and Repair have carefully removed the dent and internal damage allowing the lock to be restored to its former glory, with an appropriate patina as requested by the customer.