About us


We have over 70 years of experience and expertise in restoring and repairing quality antique locks, safe locks and traditional ornamental metal work. From basic services such as light refurbishment of locks and ornamental metal work, to full major restoration, parts manufacture and repair of prized locks from collections and period property; you can rely on our experience, knowledge and craftsmanship at D.R. Lock Restoration and Repair.


We are here to help and just a call or email away..

Whether you require refurbishment or repair of an antique door lock for a period property, repair to a quality antique, vintage or newer safe lock for service or from a collection; or a bespoke presentation key for a special occasion, then look no further! You are in the hands of the experts.


We also provide other general services not necessarily related to locks, such as:

Grinding, polishing, machining, soldering, brazing and welding of components from miscellaneous antique metal work. We work with many antiques dealers offering fair prices for repairs to all types of metal objects.


Proprietor using special chisels, files and saws to sculpt bespoke ornate Brass key bows for locks removed from a highly ornate large chest of bespoke made drawers. Plate Brass is the material being worked here.

Experts in the repair and restoration of antique, vintage and obsolete modern property door locks, furniture locks, safe and vault locks etc.


We manufacture bespoke all replacement components for antique, vintage and newer obsolete locks for fair prices. If they cannot be repaired efficiently both in regard to time and cost, then we can often make replacements to original standard/specification.


We bespoke manufacture key blanks of special designs and sizes for all antique property door locks and safe locks that cannot be obtained from a supplier "off a shelf". We guarantee a better and stronger quality compared to "off a shelf" mass produced spot welded and cast Iron key blanks.


D. R. Lock Restoration and Repair have a long-standing reputation as master craftsmen with over 70 years experience in all aspects of restoration, repair and parts manufacture for quality antique locks and keys. Trained by world renowned master locksmiths and safe engineers, our craftsmanship is amongst the finest in the industry with thousands of locks and keys restored, and private collections of rare historic locks worldwide.


The advantages of D. R. Lock Restoration and Repair include:

1) Prompt, professional attention to your requests.

2) Fair, transparent prices.

3) Long-standing experience in all aspects of restoration and repair.

4) Efficient service.

5) The finest craftsmanship.

6) Collections worldwide.

7) Museum/display standards.